C65 – Pourquoi et comment évoluer en chirurgie minimalement invasive

Objectifs :

- Identifications of the indications to periodontal surgery
- Description the surgical techniques
- Criteria of choice
- Presentation some clinical cases to discuss critical aspects and advantages of periodontal surgical procedures

Responsable scientifique :

Christian Verner

Intervenants :

Filippo Graziani

Résumé :

One of the goals in periodontal surgical therapy is to restore periodontal tissues architecture and function which have been lost in course of periodontitis. Minimally invasive techniques have gained increasing importance especially through the performance of periodontal surgery along with regenerative procedures, whichallows the formation of a new connective tissue attachment including new cementum and supporting bone. The treatment of intrabony defects through surgery and the application of membranes, grafts, and/or active biological agents in addition to open flap debridement has been consistently associated with better clinical healing. The minimally invasive periodontal surgical techniques and their indications will be described and discussed, along with the presentation of relevant clinical cases.